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Ready-Mix Concrete in Napa and Sonoma Counties

Harold Smith & Son, Inc. has its own ready-mix concrete plant, allowing us to ensure quality in our concrete mixes. Our state of the art concrete mixing plant produces a wide variety of high-tech concrete formulas to meet any need. With our concrete produced on-site and a fleet of trucks to deliver the concrete to your site, we have the ability to fill any size order, large or small.


The Concrete You Need

At our state-of-the-art plant, we can produce ready-mix concrete in virtually any color and mix specification. We use a computer-controlled batch plant to produce custom mix designs in a variety of colors, traditional and nontraditional, and according to your needs and specifications. We offer color admixtures from Master Builders Solutions, Davis Colors and Scofield. The use of curing agents can improve the fresh concretes ability to retain moisture and ensures that the concrete reaches optimal strength and durability. Durability enhancing concrete admixtures can reduce deterioration in aggressive exposure conditions and increase the potential service life. Fiber admixtures contain unique fibers, which improve the concretes bonding properties and can assist in controlling concrete cracking. BASF MasterFinish admixtures offer superior surface and finish-enhancing properties and form release agents. XYPEX admix waterproofing agents introduced during the batch processing outperforms other methods due to its unique ability to become a truly integral part of the concrete matrix. We do produce a Shotcrete product that is known for its superior hardness, longevity and low rebound rate, making it a great option for structures like pools, wine caves and more. We also produce silica fume concrete, white cement and carry a wide variety of concrete sealers and cleaners. Whatever your needs and admix specifications, Harold Smith & Son, Inc. is your one stop solution for ready-mix concrete.

children's hospital benches

Custom Colored Concrete

Batch Processed colored concrete really only comes in a limited number of colors. Special non-typical colors can also be blended to order. This is not something that most concrete producers offer. There is no limit to the range of concrete colors than Harold Smith & Son, Inc. can match/create. These vividly colored concrete benches located at Children’s Hospital in San Francisco are a perfect example of our capabilities.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

If your building or construction project requires green materials, we offer environmentally friendly options for concrete like MED-CURE curing aid/hardener and DUOGARD II water-based form release agent. Our green products also include high-volume fly ash concrete, pervious concrete and controlled low-strength flowable fill concrete.

Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls

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