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Demolition Work in St. Helena, California

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Safe. Experienced. Efficient.

When you work with Harold Smith & Son, Inc. to demolish a building, remove a threatening tree or remove unwanted concrete and other materials, you can be sure your demolition will be handled safely and efficiently. We’ll make sure to prevent damage to surrounding property, and with our tools and equipment, we’ll save you time so you can move on with your construction project.

Building Demolition

Building demolition projects, large and small, can be dangerous if not done properly. We have the experience and know-how to control a demolition to avoid injuries and damage to surrounding buildings and property. Before beginning the demolition, we disconnect electricity and plumbing and remove appliances to ensure safety.
With our modern equipment and experience, you can trust that whether you are demolishing one room or an entire building, we will get it done quickly and carefully.

Tree Removal

If a tree on your property is diseased or badly damaged, it may become a danger to your home. We can take care of removing your damaged or threatening tree, giving you peace of mind about your home and yard again. We are dedicated to removing your tree quickly and safely which keeps our service affordable for you.

Clearing Land

New property often needs to be cleared to make it ready for development or construction. At Harold Smith & Son, Inc., we know the regulations for clearing land so we can minimize environmental impact. We also have the right equipment and skills to get the job done properly in accordance with safety procedures. As your trusted professionals, we can clear your land quickly, so your project can stay on schedule.

Concrete Removal and Hauling

Do you need to remove concrete to make way for a new driveway, pool or sidewalk? Our demolition team can break up the concrete to save you time and prevent injury. Our team has the experience necessary to quickly remove concrete and we use goggles, boots, gloves and other safety equipment to protect ourselves and your property from debris.
After breaking up the concrete, we will remove the debris and haul it away from your property, giving you a fresh start for your next project.

Get an Estimate

If you need tree removal or other demolition services, contact us today to learn more about our affordable demolition services and to get an estimate for your specific needs.