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Excavation and Grading in St. Helena, California

Grading Earthwork

Improving the Land to Prepare for Your Project

For every new construction project, whether it is a road, a home or other building, it’s important to prepare the ground through grading and excavation. At Harold Smith & Son, Inc., we have the knowledge and expertise to improve the land beneath your planned building, building pad so it is ready to support your project without problems.

Grading the Land

If you are constructing on a hillside or other uneven ground surface, our professionals can remove high points, fill in low areas and level out the land to provide you with the level surface you need for safe construction. We also perform grading services to create the proper slope for ponds, roadways and more. With our expertise, you will have the slope or level base you need for your construction project.

Excavating the Site

Beyond leveling out the area for your job site, we have the equipment and skill required for excavation. If you are constructing a pond, a new home or a larger building, we will get the job done right so you can start building your foundation, laying your roadway and complete your project.

Obtaining Permits

We have the know-how and expertise to obtain the necessary permits to grade your property, so you don’t have to worry about additional paperwork. Working with us makes your job easier, and you can rely on our vast experience for any construction project.

Pipelines and Utilities

Along with excavation and grading, we specialize in installing necessary pipelines and utility tie-ins for water and electricity for new construction projects. We can properly prepare your construction site for future sewer line and septic system installation and ensure the utility tie-ins are placed correctly.

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If you have questions about our excavation and grading services, or if you need assistance with your construction project, contact us today. Our staff will gladly answer your questions and give you an estimate for the work you need.